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Sorry for your loss  / Ann Courtney (passing through )  Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Ann Courtney (passing through )
I too lost my dad a couple of years ago to cancer.  It is hard to accept the fact they are gone and at the same time be relieved they are whole once again.  My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to struggle through your emotions.  

Your father sounded like a very kind and loving man.  Thank you for sharing his story with others.

A.C. Close
To the children of Pop Hatley  / Beverly Hatley (ex-daughter-in-law)  Read >>
To the children of Pop Hatley  / Beverly Hatley (ex-daughter-in-law)
I know this year is hard and my prayers are with you.  He would be very proud of your tribute to him.  He will be greatly missed.  May God bless his family in the coming year.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Close
Goodbye Daddy!  / Pam Caldwell (Daughter)  Read >>
Goodbye Daddy!  / Pam Caldwell (Daughter)
Saying goodbye to you daddy is so hard to do. We miss you so much. You were so full of life and enjoyed it to the fullest. I am so thankful God gave me you as my father. Who else could have taught me the values you did? I am going to miss hearing you say "I love you too baby", your jokes, your laughter, seeing your smile light up your eyes and will miss our Christmas' together. You taught me so much thoughout my life but the trait I am most thankful for is the gift of laughter and sense of humor you passed along. I know you have finally seen Barbara once again and how happy you must be. Sadly God needed you in Heaven so that you could help prepare a place for our Mylia. I'm glad you were there to welcome her, she missed you so much.

Daddy loved fishing, sports, his family and friends. He never met a stranger and he never treated people any different than he would a long time friend. It didn't matter if you had money or not, if you treated him fair he was as fair with you. He worked hard in the foundry industry for over 40 years and retired in 1994. He was able to enjoy 3 short years of retirement before his Barbara was called home to be with her heavenly Father. Daddy filled his day with his friends having coffee, mowing yards for the "widowed" ladies and fishing. If there was baseball, basketball or football game on you had better wait to call because he really didn't want to be interrupted...we always laughed about that because you knew a game was on because he would be impatient to get off of the phone. He was diagnosed with cancer in January 2006. He did not have the options of treatment as it was too far advanced so he decided he would continue to enjoy life like he always had. Never any complaints, just doing what needed to be done. Even as he lost weight and began feeling more tired he was still so optimistic and so upbeat. He would still mow his own yard (though he felt bad he could no longer help those little old ladies he mowed for), tried to have his garden and visit with his friends. He worried about those that got sick. He worried if you were doing okay...because he was doing just fine. He wanted to be able to live at home on his own for as long as possible. Well he was able to....except for the last 5 days. He taught us something once again, you may be sick, you may be dying, but you can have still have dignity, strength, and the courage to keep on living if you try hard enough. He never gave up and neither did we, but we had to share him with those who needed him most. My memories will continue and I will share them with Hanah, her children when the time comes and with those that will listen so it is not really saying goodbye...I am just saying "I'll catch up with you later daddy". Love, Pam
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